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Who am i?

Sarah Jayne Riley

Award-winning Songwriter, musician, actor.

From the electric streets of Peterborough, Ontario, emerges Sarah Jayne Riley, an artist whose music resonates with a blend of timeless rock elements with contemporary indie and pop sensibilities. Born into a family with a strict no-country music policy, SJR's youthful days were filled with the electrifying sounds of classic rock bands such as Electric Light Orchestra, Santana, Aerosmith, Genesis, the list goes on. Later, she went on to be the black sheep in the family and developed a love for the ever-inspiring Dolly Parton, whose dual talents in songwriting and business acumen significantly shaped SJR’s artistic and entrepreneurial spirit.

Despite a detour into the realms of business education, where she earned degrees in marketing and human resources, the call of music was undeterred. It wasn’t until her late twenties that Sarah Jayne Riley fully embraced her path as a musical artist, integrating her business savvy with her artistic pursuits. Today, she stands as a multi-award-winning songwriter (2023 Songwriter of the Year award - PTBO Music awards) and a vibrant performer who has zero fear performing for thousands.

Sarah Jayne's mission through her music is profound yet simple: to inspire authenticity and compassion in a world often governed by fear. Her lyrics are a celebration of personal growth and societal reflection, urging listeners to embrace change and consider the uniqueness of others' journeys. 

With a vocal style that shifts from the heartfelt sincerity of Feist to the dynamic expression of St. Vincent, her songs explore themes of originality, self-evolution, and cultural critique. As she continues to evolve both as an artist and a businesswoman, Sarah Jayne Riley is not just creating music; she's crafting a legacy of empowerment and creativity.

Fans describe Sarah-Jayne as unforgettable—a 'MUST SEE' talent with an incredible voice and an impressive vocal range. Similar artists Sarah-Jayne has been compared to are Charlotte Cardin, Begonia and Fefe Dobson.

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