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Who am i?

Sarah Jayne Riley


From the electric streets of Peterborough, Ontario, emerges indie-pop recording artist Sarah Jayne Riley, a dynamic force blending timeless sounds with contemporary indie pop. SJR’s mission is simple yet profound: inspire authenticity and compassion. Her lyrics celebrate personal growth and societal reflection, urging listeners to embrace change and their own unique experiences.

Her debut single "Talk to Me" is a powerful anthem of resilience and personal growth, setting the stage for her vibrant and evolving musical career. With a vocal style shifting from the heartfelt sincerity of Feist to the dynamic expression of St. Vincent, SJR's music explores themes of originality, self-evolution, cultural critique and living in a masculine world. 

Fans describe Sarah Jayne Riley as unforgettable—a 'MUST SEE' talent with a four-octave vocal range and incredibly catchy songs that will stick in your head for weeks after seeing her high-energy show. 

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