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Who am i?

Sarah Jayne Riley

Award-winning Songwriter, musician, actor.

Award-winning songwriter, musician, and actor, Sarah-Jayne Riley, hails from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, a small but vibrant music incubator city north-east of Toronto. With a unique voice and a penchant for genre-bending, Sarah-Jayne's music is a captivating blend of contemporary pop.

Before venturing into music, Sarah-Jayne lived several lives, finding her true authentic self. Her music transcends stories of love, loss, self-failure, stepping away, and rebuilding one's life.

Fearless and captivating, Sarah-Jayne has only been performing for three years but has already left an indelible mark. Notably, she opened for Chad Brownlee at the Peterborough Memorial Centre, delivering a mesmerizing performance in front of thousands in her first-ever full band show.

Fans describe Sarah-Jayne as unforgettable—a 'MUST SEE' talent with an incredible voice and an impressive vocal range. Similar artists Sarah-Jayne has been compared to are Charlotte Cardin, Begonia and Fefe Dobson.

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